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Audiomod: Speed Up, Slow Down, Customize As You Listen

By Audiomack on

Audiomod is our game-changing feature that lets you modify any song on Audiomack. Speed up, slow down, adjust pitch, reverb and more.

Simply tap the Mod✨ button to get started while you’re listening on the app. Now available for both iOS and Android.

Your sound, your way 🎛Speed up, slow down, or adjust distortion, reverb, delay, pitch, and more with the intuitive equalizer until you find the perfect sound. Audiomod allows you to fine-tune as much as you want.

Once you find the perfect combo, keep it going. Toggle “Stay On” to keep your Mod active for as long as you want across anything you’re listening to.

Presets make it easy ✅Build your custom sound or get started with our ready-made presets: Nightcore, Slowed & Reverb, Daycore, Sped Up, and Muffled. As you move through presets, your screen will shift colors to create an immersive experience.

Share with your friends 👥Create something special? Slowed down your favorite song and realize it hits 100x harder? Hit share to send your modded version to your friends. They can vibe to your version and realize that maybe it actually is “better than the original.”


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